Mission & Vision

Vision of Kidney Federation of India:

To ensure kidney health and to provide a better life to people affected by kidney diseases, by facilitating and assisting in transplantation through voluntary, cadaver and cross donation, and to provide pre and post transplantation support to the needy.

Objects of Kidney Federation of India:

1.       To arrange extensive awareness programmers for kidney patients, relatives and general public with more focus on diabetic and hyper tension patients.

2.       To conduct periodic kidney disease detection camps.

3.       To conduct screening tests and direct patients to best medical facility available.

4.       To promote awareness among public about organ donation especially in brain death cases.

5.       To establish drug bank to make available essential drugs at affordable cost.

6.       To give assistance for organ transplantation.

7.       To arrange rehabilitation of patients after surgery in cases of necessity.

8.       To coordinate efforts of other organizations functioning in this field.

9.       To develop, extend, improve, alter and equip all the works and activities of the Trust in such a manner as the Central Committee may deem fit.

10.   Print, publish and distribute reports, journals, periodicals and other relevant literature intended to promote the objectives of the Trust.

11.   To purchase or otherwise acquire for the Trust, any property whether movable or immovable, at such price and  on such terms and conditions, as the Central Committee thinks fit. The Central Committee shall have the power to sell or otherwise dispose of or mortgage any of the properties of the Trust at such price and such terms and conditions as it thinks fit, in the best interest of the Trust, but subject to approval of the General Body.

12.   Do all other lawful acts, deeds and things as the Trust may consider incidental or conductive to the attainment of any of the objectives of the Trust.

13. Promote cross-donation of exchanging the kidneys among relatives and non-relatives with legal approval.
14. Establish kidney bank wherein prospective donors will register with KFI as per the established procedure.
15.  Act as authorized representative to Government/approved organizations to provide assistance in documentation
process for obtaining approval.
16.  Establish KFI dialysis centre with high-quality hygiene and care, in as many locations as possible in India.